Our Story

Bruton Knowles is a heritage brand, in the UK and in the property sector.

Although a business that very much looks forward, both in attitude and with astute market knowledge, it would be remiss of us not to acknowledge and celebrate the reputation that the business has built, over decades and indeed centuries.


Bruton Knowles is founded by Henry Bruton and William Knowles in a co-partnership.

H.W. Bruton is appointed partner and the firm auctions a Schooner at Gloucester docks (Lady of the Forest).
Lewis Henry Priday is appointed partner and the firm is known as Bruton, Knowles and Priday.
Tintern Abbey is sold to the Crown for £15,000
War breaks out and Will Knowles and Basil Bruton go off to fight with the 5th Gloucestershire Regiment.
Will Knowles is killed in Persia - he is the last of the Knowles family to join the firm. H.W Bruton is taken ill and also passess away.
Norman Bruton's 18 year old son, Cecil, joins the firm - the fouth generation of Brutons to be involved.
The war comes home to Norman Bruton in a very personal way, the first German bomb to fall on Gloucester being a direct hit on his home.
Cecil Bruton sells the last lot at the old market where his grandfather had weilded the gavel nearly a century earlier.
The company celebrates its first hundred years and opens a new office on the corner of King St and Eastgate St.
The company advises on the extesion of the M5 motorway.
Simon Bruton is made a Partner - the last family member to be employed in the business.
Cecil Bruton retires and the role of Managing Partner is taken by Richard Law who goes on to oversee the growth of the business over the next 20+ years.
The firm now has offices in Gloucester, Bourton on the Water, Cheltenham, Cirencester, London, Taunton, Tetbury and Wolverhampton.
The firm provides expert advice on the creation of the Channel Tunnel Rail Link. An office in Nottingham is opened as a direct result of the East Midlands Electricity contract win.
Simon Bruton, the great, great grandson (5th generation) of Henry Bruton, retires as the last family member to work for Bruton Knowles.
Following a merger with Lister Lee, Bruton Knowles becomes one of the largest property consultancies outside of London.
Continued expansion with office opened in North Yorkshire and the North West.