Property Valuation

Providing reliable, knowledgeable, and professional valuation expertise

Our National Valuation Team delivers secured loan Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) Red Book valuations across the country. We support a range of national banks, building societies and specialist lenders.

Our nationwide network of professionally qualified surveyors all have a wealth of experience in delivering valuation services for a long list of high-profile corporate UK financial clients.

We meet the needs of leading high street banks as well as the panel requirements of a whole raft of secondary lenders and challenger banks. We offer a streamlined and consistent service, as well as the ability to deliver identical products for lending clients across the country. We are also one of the leading providers of CIPFA Asset Valuations to government bodies, healthcare trusts, police forces and local authorities in England and Wales.

Split references to a. Valuation: Secured Loan (Ian Pitt & Nico Broadway) and Valuation: Asset Valuation (Helen McLeod-Baikie (starts 12.06.23)

What we do best

  • ffer a centralised valuation hub
  • Team of valuers, valuation technicians and valuation coordinators available at all locations
  • Red book valuations
  • Complex valuations
  • Commercial valuations
  • Residential valuations
  • Strategic advice
  • Planning
  • Property management
  • Strategic advice
  • Business rates

In addition to our banking specialism, our team also offers broader asset valuation work for a significant number of other clients across commercial property, infrastructure, utilities, public sector, and social housing sectors.

Supported by a strong reputation for delivering an efficient service, our team is responsive to client needs. Our experts are highly knowledgeable in sale and purchase, valuation, leasing and strategy, providing insightful advice so clients can achieve more from their land and property portfolios.

We use the latest technology to expedite our reporting processes and ensure all our clients receive their reports in the most timely and effective way.