Professional Guidance from Industry Experts

Professional Guidance from Industry Experts

The National Utilities & Infrastructure Team is the largest group of specialists and industry experts in the Bruton Knowles organisation.

Our nationwide network of professional surveyors, technicians, analysts, and land rights consultants means we can deliver to the most challenging of project deadlines, reliably and effectively and in the most comprehensive way.

We have extensive experience of working with significant organisations in the sector, including National Grid, Network Rail, Thames Water, HS2, Scottish Power, NET, Electricity Northwest, Northern Gas and Metro Alliance.

And we are skilled in working collaboratively as part of a multi-disciplined project team, always flexible in our approach and responsive to the unique challenges of any project.
Talk to us about our approach and how we can help.

Reference 3 types of services / clients. 1. Road & Rail – TWAs (Transport & Works Act) and CPOs. 2. U&I (Gas, Water, Electric etc infrastructure DCOs etc with a. Land Agency and b. Compensation) 3. Claimants e.g. are you impacted by infrastructure schemes …. We can help you.

What we do best

  • Diligent Property Referencing
  • Access for Survey
  • Acquisitions and Property Disposals
  • Agricultural Liaison Officers
  • Book of Reference
  • Building Surveying/Records of Condition
  • Compulsory Purchase Strategy
  • Disturbance Claims
  • Easement & Wayleave Negotiations
  • Entry Agreements
  • Environmental Mitigation
  • Expert Witness & Examination Hearing Support
  • GIS Mapping and Plan Production
  • Injurious Affection Claims
  • Landowner Consultation
  • Lands Tribunal and Arbitration Representation
  • Mediation & 3rd Party Dispute Resolution
  • Mineral Valuations
  • Negotiation of Accommodation Works
  • Option Agreement Negotiations
  • Part 1 Claims
  • Production of Land Plans
  • Property Cost Estimate
  • Property Management
  • Schedule of Voluntary Negotiations
  • Schedules of Variation
  • Service of Notices
  • Site Noticing
  • Strategic Acquisitions
  • s42 Postal List
  • Temporary Compounds and Licences
  • Welsh Speaking Negotiators

The UK's utility and infrastructure sector is a major contributor to the economy, providing essential services such as energy, water, communications, transportation and telecommunications. It is responsible for creating jobs and delivering safe, reliable public services while also promoting economic growth. Investment in this sector has increased significantly over the past few years, despite the challenges of the pandemic, with an expectation of even higher levels of investment in the future. This is being driven by a number of factors, including new technologies such as smart grids and renewable energy sources; population growth; climate change; and the need to upgrade ageing infrastructure.